Dudedle Studio in Fur Square 2018


[Updated Sep 7 2018]
We're very sorry that because of an issue of programming, we are not able to translate Beast Warrior Night Attack in time. Therefore, there will be no Dudedle game on the event. We are sorry for people who look forward to play the game. Hopefully we could release the game in future event!

We're going to join Fur Square 2018 in Thailand!

What we bring will be Beast Warrior Night Attack(ケモノ戦士の夜這い) which we translate this into Thai!
Did you know that Mumu, the main artist of the game is actually a Thai furry? So, it's nice to translate this game in Thai for this event. We also planned to make some original postcards related to Kemo Coliseum as a free gift for people who purchase our goods in the event.

See you at Fur Square! :D


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Dudedle's card game

School Wars


Kuroda Rokurou's doujinshi 

Treasure Hunter <Sold Out>


Kankan Dayori


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Kemo Coliseum's Public Report

Hi everyone,

It's been such a long time since we last posted here! This is because there was a time when Google has warned us that they will shut down any blog on blogspot that contains adult materials.

Because of that, we have moved to post on Tumblr instead.  However, it seems that Google changed their mind and we can still use this blog. We'll be more active on Tumblr, but we will try to find a way that allows us to post on both conveniently.

As for Kemo Coliseum public report, we created a specific blog so that you can follow them easily. Please go to http://kemocoloreport.tumblr.com/ for public reports.

- Punipen