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Kemo Coliseum's Public Report

Hi everyone,

It's been such a long time since we last posted here! This is because there was a time when Google has warned us that they will shut down any blog on blogspot that contains adult materials.

Because of that, we have moved to post on Tumblr instead.  However, it seems that Google changed their mind and we can still use this blog. We'll be more active on Tumblr, but we will try to find a way that allows us to post on both conveniently.

As for Kemo Coliseum public report, we created a specific blog so that you can follow them easily. Please go to http://kemocoloreport.tumblr.com/ for public reports.

- Punipen


Kemo Coliseum is now on Patreon!

Hi everyone,

We would like to let you know that we have moved Kemo Coliseum donation to Patreon platform instead!

Kemo Coliseum Patreon Page

With this, you can help supporting us easier and help us get steady income so we can keep on working on the game. Patreon only charge you money when we post our work, so you don't have to pay anything if there is no progress on the game.

With this move, there are some points we would like to address as follow:

Kemo Coliseum section in the secret lab WILL NOT be removed

We have decided to keep Kemo Coliseum section in the secret lab. We will be updating the report like we use to. However, instead of a weekly report, it will be bi-weekly, which is the same as Patreon. You will gain access to the latest build as well.

The current members who are Bronze level and above are now assigned a title of "Kemo Coliseum Supporter". Only people with this title can access the Kemo Coliseum section in the secret lab. This mean any new member who donate $20 or more after today, will gain access to the Secret Lab, but not Kemo Coliseum section.

Differences between Kemo Coliseum section & Kemo Coliseum Patreon

Both supporters on Patreon and supporters on the forum will get the following:
- Credits in the game
- Bi-weekly report
- Early build of the game

Supporters in the forum will not get any post from patron stream. As for what is a patron stream, it's like a facebook feed. We will use this to post a small & quick update since we couldn't do that before on Twitter.

The game is still free!

No, we haven't changed the game from a free game to a patron only game. Any public build will be completely free to anyone.

Monthly report will become Bimonthly report

Starting from next year, monthly report will become bimonthly instead. The bimonthly reports will still be published on this blog.


And that's it! Please help us by spreading the link to our patreon above ^ ^ Thank you!

- Punipen