[NightAttack][MiniGame] Dick Gumshoe Night Attack!

Finally it's here! Dick Gumshoe Night Attack~

Dick Gumshoe is sleeping innocently. Can you make him cum without waking him up?

Click on the part you want to interact.
Click to stop the arrow. The result of the interaction depends on the color of the bar where the arrow stop at.
The game is over when the alert meter is full or then the time is up
Dick Gumshoe (c) Capcom
Sorry that this is really really late! >_<;  We ran into many problems during the way but here it is, the finished version! After this, we'll take a break from small minigame for a while since we're going to work on our next commercial game. We'll keep you update once we've made more progress :)
- Punipen