[NightAttack][MiniGame] Dick Gumshoe's Night Attack - Trailer!

If you have been reading our twitter ( I hope you have! ), you would know that we already finish this game :D Though I have to admit, the English part is finished! We're going to finish the Japanese part tomorrow and then release the game after that. For now, we have a trailer video to show you how the game work~

There are multiple endings, depending on your performance and at which phase you fail in the game ( waking him up, taking too much time to strip him, etc... ) There is also an extra mode, so once you cleared the game, you can come back and watch the scene anytime ^ ^

We are also working on a new commercial game. The game is currently called "Kemo Coliseum", and if you have been reading our twitter ( please do! ), you'd know that we have just finished the prototype and it's pretty fun so far. If you enjoy Puzzle Quest, then I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy this game too.

- Punipen