Touch & Tease and Dick Gumshoe's Night Attack Android version

It's been a while since we last released our free game, isn't it? I promised you Night Attack but things got crazy and we needed to put all our efforts into Sugar Shooter 2. Anyway, hopefully we can make it up to you with this new up coming game!

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Japanese Name : Yarou Ijiri
English Name : Touch & Tease

This doesn't mean we're giving up Night Attack though. You see, we have just released Night Attack, android version!

Dick Gumshoe's Night Attack is now available on Android!
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So what does this mean? It means the new Night Attack engine is finished! And that means we can move forward with the new Night Attack! And this time you can play on the web, PC and mobile~

I remember one guy asked us about the rough date. Usually it'll be around Monday/Tuesday, after we report the latest weekly progress on the secret lab. So expect the report this evening or tonight!

And don't forget, if you like our work and like what we're doing here, there so many ways to Support Us. Don't forget to check the link out. We're a small group of people so any support is greatly appreciate <3

Until next time!
- Punipen