Sugar Shooter - Easy Patch

Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope you guys are having a blast with the coming holidays ^ ^

Thank you to everyone who bought Sugar Shooter! Hope you're enjoying it during Christmas, hehe. But since the game is hard ( Well, it's DANMAKU! ), and we don't want you to end up frustrating trying to clear the game - here's a special code to make the game easier!

Hold  LEFT SHIFT and Z during a stage selection screen and you will hear a *clink* sound when you start the selected stage. If success, you will start the stage with 5 armors instead of 2!

However, if that's still too difficult for you, then don't worry! All you need to do is play more touhou download the patch below!

With the patch applied, the cheat code will increase your armors to 10 instead of 5. This is more than enough since you can get more extra lives from getting highscore!
Talking about highscore, please note that if you want to record your highscore, applying cheat code will not save that stage's score.If you want to show off your score to your friends, then don't be a cheater!

If you still can't beat the final stage, or just want to see those bullet patterns, then you can use this code to access Invicible Mode

 Hold Left Shift + Z + X during a stage selection screen and select a stage.

And that's all folks! Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy the game~ For those who haven't bought the game yet, here's the link to the game's page!