[NipplePlay] Goro Daimon's Nipple Play!

Surprise! Sorry that this isn't Chris, but it has been what I wanted to do from the poll all along. Do something for the guy who got the last place, and something for the guy who got the first place ^ ^ 
(I actually was expecting Maxima to be the last guy though...oh well! )

This time we're trying something new that isn't Flash. So might as well try it with our cute and lovely, yet last place, Goro Daimon from the King Of Fighters series first!  Thank you to the awesome CrimsonBlood for the arts. He has many more sexy arts in his gallery so be sure to check them out :)

Nipple Play, as of now, isn't really a game but more like a interactive web app/ toy. We're experimenting with something so we think we should start from something small. Stuffs we learn from making this will be used in the upcoming Chris game.

For those who are into technical stuffs, we are now using Unity3D. So you'd need to install Unity3D web player plugin in order to play the game. We will probably be using this for many of our future games since the tool is really awesome!

That's all for today! Have fun playing with Daimon's manboobs  XD

- Punipen