[Teaser] Chris Redfield : Coming Soon

Chris Redfield has been a very bad boy...But you'll get to punish him very soon!

First of all, congratulations to Chris Redfield!
Sorry that this is a bit late! Hope you guys haven't forgotten about this though. I guess the characters in the poll were all tough choices. It was funny to see how Wakka went from first to third though! Not that I don't like him ( he is hot! ) but I didn't expect Chris to suddenly beat Wakka and Asuma and become first so sudden.

Also, don't worry about those characters who aren't in the top 3. We might do this again next time, removing the previous winners. So that all bara characters will get their chances :)

As always, feel free to suggest any bara characters you want us to make a mini game out of. We have been working on our next commercial games : Kemo Coliseum and Sugar Shooter 2, so we didn't really have time to follow all the anime, mangas or games these days. I'm sure we must have overlooked some hot bara characters. So please share you information either in the comment or in the chat box sometime!

One last thing, Bukkake Party - Wet Uniform - is almost ready! Maybe in a day or two :)

And that's all for today. See you next time!

- Punipen