More progress and stuffs

Just gonna post some quick updates with the projects we're working on recently :)

Let's start with Sugar Shooter 2!

Also just played around with the engine and it seems like we can put more bullets on the screen this time. So I'm thinking about adding an easier difficulty and make Bitter difficulty harder than the first one.
Don't know what to use for the easiest difficulty though. 

Currently we have Sweet, Normal and Bitter.
What should be the name for the easiest one? Piece of cake? XD In Japanese we're going with 激甘( ge-ki-a-ma) which mean 'Extermely Sweet'. Hmmm. How does Ex-Sweet sound?

Next is Yobai ~ Night Attack ~
This Japanese hunk doesn't have a name yet! 
Anyone's has an idea for a name that might suit him?

And that's it for today. Until next time :)

- Punipen