[SugarShooter2] New Character Preview!

"Sugar Shooter 2" story as well as game system are now coming along nicely! I can't tell you how excited I am when I see the new casts from Takesan. They are so shmec-xy! And because we are evil like that so we will be teasing you every week with new character's shiloutte :P

Some thing to note about the game this time
  • It will be a full stage shoot'em up. Not just boss rush anymore!
  • There will be 5 stages
  • Keyboard/Gamepad control instead of mouse.
  • Will be available on both OSX and Windows!
  • Armor Break/Sugar Burst system is to stay
  • 4 playable characters(!?)

Hope this is good news! The game release date is set to be sometime around December - 1 year after the first Sugar Shooter is released :3

Hopefully we can make it in time >_<;

That's all, folks!

- Punipen