Sugar Shooter 2 - New Satan + Character Poll

To show you some progress, here's the image of the new Satan in Sugar Shooter 2

           Yes, he's pretty much the same old Satan XD However, this time you'll get to see more of him. But I'll keep that as a surprise for now. Not until the first stage demo is done!

Also, there will be "Lasers" in Sugar Shooter2! Lasers are dangerous because you can't turn them into sweets with your Dessert Ring and they might appear even in Normal Attack! Hopefully lasers will make many interesting pattern. Also, no, we haven't added "Curvy Lazar" yet :P

           In other news, we are starting a nomination for the hot hunk from game/anime to be featured in our next free minigame. This time we use Facebook's poll feature, since it allow users to add an option by themselves. If you have an FB account, don't forget to stop by and nominate your favourite character!

This is the first time I used Facebook poll, so it's an experiment as well. After the facebook poll is finished ( This Friday ), I'll make a poll here with all the nominated names for another two weeks. So don't worry! You'll get to vote even if you don't have an FB account or doesn't want to reveal one :)

As for the last poll, thank you for everyone who participated. It seems like there are many people who don't own an android...But I'm sure this will change in the future as Android phone price is decreasing and more phone companies are adopting it. So our priorities will be making new games instead of porting for now :)

And that's all for today. Thanks for reading!

- Punipen