Sugar Shooter in other languages!

Last time I posted Portuguese version of Sugar Shooter comic already. But we have more! Thanks to our fans, they have translated the manga into two more languages!

Chinese - by Anonymous

Spanish - by Himiko

Not only manga, but there are people who help contribute to the wiki by translating the articles as well!

Wiki is now available in two more languages, Spanish and Portuguese!

Satan's section in Spanish

Frey's section in Portuguese

Looking from our stats, people from various parts of the world are accessing our website. I'm sure that there are still people who are not comfortable with English or would be happy to see our content in their native language. Unfortunately, with three people in our team, I doubt that we could bring all the languages to the table. 

That's where you come in! If you like our work and understand English, please feel free to translate it so that people who share the same native language would be able to enjoy our content more. There is no need to ask us for permission or anything, just go for it! If editing the manga is hard to do, we are willing to distribute the file in an easier format for you to edit the text and everything.

So whether you can speak Chinese, Korean, Greek, Italian, Arabic, Thai, etc, please help contribute if you can! I'm more than sure that people would enjoy reading the wiki in their own language and not just English ^_^

We will also make it easy for people to translate and make a translation add-on for our game in the future. Though the game menu part probably stay in English due to the graphic used in the game, but the game dialogue should be easy to make it customizable by fans :)

And that's all for today!

- Punipen