Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Hope you guys are having an awesome holiday season! 

Also, we have to apologize for not be able to finish the game within this month...We planned to give the game to those who pre-order as a Christmast gift. However, due to the amount of content of the game, there are many things we have to tweak as well as playtesting to make sure that nothing is wrong. 

We'll keep working on Sugar Shooter 2 to make it finish as soon as possible. It's around 95% done right now. Though balancing the game and bug killing isn't an easy task >_<;

For those who pre-order with the options that include our sketches, be prepare to get yourself a Christmas card that you've wished for!

And that's all for today. See you again next year! ^ ^

- Punipen