Kemo Coliseum Monthly Progress : July

Terribly late this time due to loads of IRL work but here it is, the July report of Kemo Coliseum!

Quick summary for people who are new here. We have a Weekly Progress report in the secret lab section of our forum. The monthly reports will be a summary of those weekly reports, excluding the exclusive stuffs.

Anyway, let's continue with the report!

Game Status

Game Design

Thanks to all the members who help us coming up with the character names, we have look through all of them and have chosen the name for characters as follow!



Basic A.I. is finished! Also, the basic system of press turn is also done. Make a line of 4 or more gems and you are granted an extra turn. Currently, AI will always aim for a line of 4 or more, if possible. 

I've now decided to clear the whole board and start fresh if a player make a move such that the board turn into a no-match state.
Unlike Mana Drain in Puzzle Quest, I don't think I'll drain all resources from both player. Clear the board and generate new set of gems will be one of the option for your strategy.

Enchanted gems, however, will not be removed from the board but change their positions.

Next is to work on the battle algorithm. I think this is something I'll be spending time balancing. For those who don't know, battle algorithm is basically how parameter will come into play. It's an answer to a question of how much damage will you deal to your opponent if your STR is 8 and enemy's VIT is 7.


More rough erotic scenes, yum!

Aoba looks like he's enjoying himself there

Aquilo is one of my favorite characters (*´Д`)

We were discussing about what should the game's main screen look like. Currently, we are gonna go for a mix of bottom left and top right. You'll see the map of the main city like in the top right. Any places outside the city will be in another menu as shown in the bottom left. This way, we'll save ourselves some time from drawing and designing the whole world map. We can always add that later.

Donation Report

April                 $660
May                  $266
June                  $465
July                   $261

Thank you for all the donation! There was a discussion regarding erotic events you want to see in the game. After I release more information regarding the world and the character, I'll open the thread for supporters to discuss as soon as possible.

Also, if you have donated, doesn't matter how much, but still haven't gotten a link to the current build, please send an email to Dudedle Studio's email. I'll reply you with a link! Keeping up with the list of the donators and send out emails to everyone takes time so I will only do it when there is a major update.

While Kemo Coliseum will be a game that is free to play, it is definitely not free to make. If you can, please help support us so we can keep working on the game, make it better, and finish it faster :)