Kemo Coliseum Monthly Progress : January 2013

It's time for Kemo Coliseum January 2013 Report!

Quick summary for people who are new here. We have a Weekly Progress report in the secret lab section of our forum. The monthly reports will be a summary of those weekly reports, excluding the exclusive stuffs.

Game Status

This month was pretty horrible for me. I was sick for a week, and then hurried to finish my IRL jobs just to find out that one is cancelled and one is postponed *sigh*


1.) Skill Window
I finished the skill selection window! Hovering your mouse over a skill will also shows a help tooltip.

I also planned to add an actual skill and allow you to select and activate it, but I couldn't finish it this month :(  This is a bit complicate because each skill can target different things as follow:

- Target enemy
- Target user
- Target enemy's specific armor part
- Target player's specific armor part
- Target a gem on the board with some kind of requirements

The first two types are obviously the easiest of them all and is what I'm planning to implement next. I'll save the rest later since with just the first two implemented, it should be enough to playtest the game and see if the basic gameplay 'click'.

2.) Visual Novel System
This is the reason why I couldn't finish the skill activation. I was working on Touch and Tease 3, hoping to release it as soon as possible. In the new Touch and Tease 3, I've made it so that our non-programmer team member can write a script for the game without having to rely on me. This visual novel scripting system will be used in Kemo Coliseum in a conversation scene as well. The script is something like this:

Code: [Select]
    - Name: Hot Guy
    - |     
        Hey there! I'm a muscular hot guy!
    - Character: {name: HotGuy, sprite: hotguy_normal, prefab: hotguyprefab}   
    - FadeInCharacter: {name: HotGuy, duration: 1}
    - Wait: 1
    - |     
        Look at how shiny my muscles are!
    - ScreenFlashWhite: 1
    - Wait: 1
    - GoTo: .EndIntroduction

    - ModifyCharacter: {name: HotGuy, sprite: hotguy_sad}     
    - |
        Hmm, seems like you're not impressed.

I also created a documentation for the scripting system so that our team mates can learn it by themselves. Here's a screenshot of a part of the documentation.

User scenario content will be using a similar script. So in the future I'll make the documentation public so those who want to add quests or stories to the game can do so by themselves.

For Touch and Tease, we also need a script file that explain what are the actions available for each body part. So that's more work as well. Good news is that they are all finished, so I can spend more time on Kemo Coliseum and leaving the game scripting work to Mogmog :D


Map Sketches

Here are more map sketches!

First version is very rough. It's just to get some basic ideas across the paper so that we can see things clearer. We decided to move the coliseum to some where else since putting it on the center seems weird and not really that natural.

The second version refined the first version. We still don't like putting something in the center since it distract viewers too much. We also added a bath house as a place for warriors and people to hang out, and a good excuse to see penises <3

We tried moving things a bit in the third version. We found that we like the old position of the castle more. However, the shrine/temple will probably be like in the third version, located somewhere in the city so that people in the town can go there easily.

We also decided to remove the onsen or open bath from the city, and make it a secret place that can be unlocked through a quest only. Maybe after you found it you can ask one of the warrior on a date to take a private hot spring bath together. :)

If you guys have any input on the map, feel free to add it here!

Donation Report 2013

Jan                 $198

Thank you to everyone who help donate! Every little bit help and will definitely help us afford spending more time on the game.

See you on the next update!

While Kemo Coliseum will be a game that is free to play, it is definitely not free to make. If you can, please help support us so we can keep working on the game, make it better, and finish it faster :)