Kemoket 2 : Report

On May 4th, we rented a space at Kemoket2 event to demonstrate Kemo Coliseum and sell our merchandise and our new game  「Beast Warrior : Night Attack」! Now that the event is over and things are settled, I think it'll be a good time for us to report you guys on what happened at the event!

Book Problem

Due to some printing problems, we couldn't finish Kurono Rokurou's original comic 'Kumo no Ito'. Should we proceed with fixing the printing problem, we won't be able to attend the event for sure. So we decided to sacrifice the book and went with only two items, which are Kemo Coliseum Original Blank Sketchbook and Beast Warrior : Night Attack. 

Selling Items

Thank you to everyone who came to the booth! We're terribly sorry that we didn't prepare enough items for everyone. To be honest, we thought not so many people know about us, since, well, nobody really talk about us. And we didn't really promote our stuffs either. However, we were sold out, so we will prepare more items in the future!

Kemo Coliseum Demonstration

After we sold everything, our booth was pretty much empty. So we ran Kemo Coliseum on our iPad and put a sign telling people to try the game if they want to. We were happy to see people stopping by the booth and play the demo. We were really really happy to see people excited to see the game and to hear they say 'Ganbattekudasai'(Keep it up/Don't give up!) after they finished playing. I really can't wait to continue working on the game!

I'll be uploading this build and publish for everyone to play around next week!

And That's It!

And that concludes our first event experience! It was so much fun, and we'd love to do it again in the future ( ^ ^ )

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth! It really helps motivate us to keep on working.

Lastly, sorry for being away for so long and missing the monthly reports. Anyway, we'll be taking this month off, and we'll get back to our game schedule starting from next month.

- Punipen