Touch and Tease 3 Crowdfunding Campaign

Recently, we have started our own crowd funding campaign in order to support the development of our free game. 

We were of course going to post about it here on our blog, but we were thinking about writing a proper long blog post later so we decided to post a small announcement on Tumblr and Twitter. 

Not long after the campaign stated, we reached our goal of $2,000 within around 3 days! 

For this, we'd like to say thank you to everyone who donated. Thank you for supporting us. We'll do our best to make our games as good as possible ^ ^

Currently, we have gone passed our goal already. You are still free to support us monetarily in order to get a Collector's Edition of Touch and Tease vol.3 which allow you to play the game in higher resolution on your Windows, OSX and your Android device instead of your browser!  There will be some extra scenes in the Collector's Edition as well.

Thank you again to those who supported us and those who help spreading the words about the campaign. You're the best!

Until next time!

- Punipen