Kemo Coliseum Monthly Progress : October 2014

Hi there, everyone!

The October's report is here! It might be a long one since we have done a lot in October. We also include a video showing the state of the game in October so don't forget to check it out.

Quick summary for people who are new here. We have a Weekly Progress report in the secret lab section of our forum. The monthly reports will be a summary of those weekly reports, excluding the exclusive stuffs.


1.) Improved Battle Flow
Following changes were made to the battle flow:
  • Gem effects are now activated as soon as gems are matched. This is to speed things up, and I think it's much better! 
  • Press turns are flash as soon as you do something that grant you an extra turn. This is to give an immediate feedback, letting you know which action that grant you the extra turn. 
  • Added the battle result window at the end of the battle. It isn't completely finished yet, but the main functionality is there! (Grading the battle result will be postponed to next version since it isn't that important yet)
  • Who starts the first turn is now randomly decided. The higher the TEC stat, the higher chance you'll start first. 
You can see the new battle flow from the following video:

2.) Gems & Gem Enchantments

The following changes had been made to the basic gems:
  • Spark gem is now a magic attack instead of multi-hit attack. Multi-hit attack will be available through skills only.
  • Strength will affect Sword gem's power, and Intelligence will affect Spark gem's power.
The following gem enchantments had been added to the game:

1.) Boost Gems

These gems will increase damage to your attack. Currently, there are two type of boost gems: 
  • Physical Boost Gem: Increase damage to all of your physical attacks
  • Magic Boost Gem: Increase damage to all of your magic attacks

2.) Protect Gems

These gems will decrease damage dealt to you. Currently, there are two type of protect gems: 
  • Physical Protect Gem: Decrease damage to all of the opponent's physical attacks
  • Magic Magic Gem: Decrease damage to all of the opponent's magic attacks
These are pretty much buff status effects that you can find in RPG games. By separating attack into two types, this should create a situation where you want to prioritize one type of attack over the other. For example, if your opponent creates a high strength physical protect gem, then you would want to attack them with magic attacks while trying to erase that protect gem.

3.) Dungeons
  • As seen from the video, you can now go back and forth between dungeon and the battle scene.
  • Dungeons are loaded from database
  • Each dungeon's state is persistent and is stored in a save file.
  • Enemy panel can be re-spawned if its re-spawn counter reaches zero. The counter is decreased every time you finish a battle.
  • Each dungeon has its own background graphic and its own battle scene's background graphic
  • Treasure boxes work! You can now get items or equipments from treasure boxes.
4.) Enemies
  • Load enemies from the database.
  • Possible to assign skills to enemies
  • Possible to assign armor bonuses to enemies
  • Enemies give EXP and money
5.) Player Character
  • Possible to level up once gain enough exp
  • Stat & HP growth when level up

5.) Others
  • Added death effect to random enemies. (This is done after we recorded the video above)
  • Added victory and defeat jingles


  • We had been working on some enemy designs to replace the placeholder we are using.
  • Also working on replacing the placeholder UI with the real one

Phew! I think that should be all of it. Most of the stuffs we finished in October are programming and gameplay related stuffs. The game is now playable, as in you can explore the dungeons like going through each point on a map in Puzzle Quest. We spent time balancing the numbers and stuffs as well, and I think it's ok right now. At least, I found myself spending time leveling up, gaining skills and finishing the dungeon many times. Still, we need to hear feedback from play-testers for further adjustment.

Donation Report 2014

Jan                       $25
Feb                      $268
Mar                      $95
Apr                      $276
May                     $190
Jun                       $423
Jul                        $125.5
Aug                      $171
Sep                       $95
Oct                       $55

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As always, thank you to everyone who donated to us! We'll do our best to release a playable build this year. I hope this report shows that we had been working hard on the project and we are as excited to play it as you are ^^ 


While Kemo Coliseum will be a game that is free to play, it is definitely not free to make. If you can, please help support us so we can keep working on the game, make it better, and finish it faster :)