Sugar Shooter 2 - Pre-Order!

Pre-order is closed. Thank you for your attention!
Sugar Shooter 2 is now open for pre-order!
Order before 31st October 2011 to get OST, original sketch, or a Sugar Shooter mug limited edition!

If pre-order reach $6,000 , 
the English version will be free for everyone!

Hi, everyone! I'm happy to announce that we are now accepting pre-order for Sugar Shooter 2. This is the first time we open for pre-order so we want to make it special. And if things go well we might do this more often ^ ^

How special? We now offer 5 options for pre-order! Each option differs in price as well as what will you get from us. Also, you get to play the English version at the same time as the Japanese version ^ ^ ( Or at least, not one month after the Japanese version )

That is not all! If the money gained from pre-order reach the goal of $6,000 , We will release the game for free!  Yes, free as in free beer ( Is that how you say it? ) The game will be available for everyone and anyone is free to share the game and post it anywhere!

For more information on why are we doing this, please refer to the pre-order page, by clicking the image below!
If we got more than $6,000 from pre-order, we’ll release Sugar Shooter 2 for free!
Click HERE for more details

If pre-order isn't an option for you, you can help make the game reach $6,000 by spreading the word! Use the image above and link to our pre-order page ^ ^

In other news, we are thinking about making a tool or small game engine to help you guys make games easier. This would require knowledge of Javascript, though. Of course, the tool will be free but due to the license of some libraries that we used, we cannot opensource it >_<. Still, you will get to use the tool for free. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comment!

See you next blog post!

- Punipen

EDITED : Date and banner changed