Sugar Shooter's Wiki!

Some of you might have seen this already ( Take-san sure did ), but if you haven't then, here it is!

Yes, Sugar Shooter has its own wiki! WHEEEE!! We are very happy and so excited when we saw this. Thanks to AlexRexx, for contributing and make such a wonderful wiki. It's sad, but I have to admit that the whole thing looks better than our game's official site and it looks more official than ours (>_<;; ) 

Anyway, for those Sugar Shooter's fans out there, please check it out and help contributing if you can! I can't imagine how much work AlexRexx has put into it, so I'm sure he need any help he can get :)

To access wiki, click the pictures above or follow the link below!

Thank you AlexRexx again for this, and for everyone who make Sugar Shooter happens!