Dudedle Studio Forum Open!

eLong time no see, everyone! We have been ultra busy with real life work, but we haven't forgotten about our studio yet!

Good news is that, finally our forum is ready for you guys to use! Feel free to register and become part of the community ^ ^

For those who pre-donated or bought our first game, please use the email you used to purchase the game to register, so that we will put you in the correct group.

This is important because only BRONZE FAN and above can see a "Secret Lab" section, where we will be posting stuffs that we are currently working on and are not ready to publish for the public to see yet. This includes new game prototypes, some concepts, progress on the current project and more!

Alternatively, if you want to use other email, then please send us an email, using the email you used to pre-order or buy our game. In the email, please specify an email you will be using for registration. This way we can recognize that the user is you and we will put you in the right group!

To visit the forum, click  HERE


In other news, we found out that there are more people coming to our website from www.bestmaleblogs.com, and guess what we found out?

We are featured as Top Rated Gay Blogs(50-100 votes)!

Considering how our niche our target is, as well as our number of contents , we didn't expect this at all. It was very good to see our blog up there, especially being the only anime/game blog among the other real men porn blogs! ^w^

Here are the picture of our ranking process




So yeah, it's something very surprising to us. Thank you everyone who has voted for our site ^ ^ We will keep working on bringing you guys more gay games. Those who hasn't voted, it isn't too late to go there and vote for us! :P

And I'm afraid that's all for today. Currently our team are hit with real-life work, so things might be a bit slow. But visiting forum is in the schedule so if you wanna talk about something, feel free to stop by!