Sugar Shooter 2 - Demo High Score Contest

Sugar Shooter 2 Demo Highscore Contest
The contest is closed. Thank you for your attention!

Now that we have released Sugar Shooter 2 demo for a week, many you of guys probably get a hang of the new system and the control by now. We know that the game this time offer many strategies to get a really high score, but we would like to know how far can it go. And here’s the chance for you to show off your skill, and win the prize! 

We’d like to announce our first contest - Sugar Shooter 2 Demo Highscore Contest!

The rule is pretty simple. You guys might have notice that after you beat the stage, the game automatically take a screenshot of your final score for you. Just submit that screenshot to us, and that's it!

Since the game has 4 difficulties, the contest will be divided into 4 leagues; Sweet, Normal, Bitter and Black. The players who score the highest in each category will win the prize. That mean, there will be 4 winners!

Keep in mind that one contestant can only enter ONE difficulty. That means, you are not allowed to submit a score for Sweet and then Bitter. If you do, we will discard the one that is submitted later.

For those who are not good at the game, you can still win something! After the 4 winners from each difficulty is decided, we will draw a name from the rest of the contestants for a lucky winner! So you still might win the prize :)

As for the prize, the winner can choose one of the following choices!
1.)  Sugar Shooter 2 ( Digital Download )

For those who cannot buy Sugar Shooter 2 for whatever reasons, here's your chance to get your copy!

2.) Sugar Shooter 2 Original Soundtrack ( Digital Download )

Sugar Shooter 2 comes with great soundtrack by the talented composer Woofle! For those who didn't preorder to get the soundtrack, here's your chance!

3.) Sugar Shooter Wall Clock ( Physical Product ) *For People who pre-order SS2 only*

For those who pre-order Sugar Shooter 2, you can win the cute and lovely Sugar Shooter wall clock! The clock feature all the characters from the first Sugar Shooter. It's SFW, so you can use it without anyone suspecting about the content it came from. And if they know these characters, now you know you've found another gaymer to talk to! If you choose this option, we'd need your address for the obvious reason.

Also, we use Cafe Press for this merchandise service. So make sure that Cafepress can ship the clock to where you live. It should be fine in most cases though :)

Additionally, all winners will get a status of on our forum! This will allow you to enter the secret lab section, and gain access to stuffs we don't post anywhere or early access to beta version of our games, etc.

How to Submit Your Highscore
  • If you haven’t done so already (shame on you!), please download the public demo from the following link : http://dudedlestudio.blogspot.com/2011/11/sugar-shooter-2-public-demo.html *The version we will use in this contest is 0.6.1b*
  • Play the game in whatever difficulty you want. Once you finish the demo, the screenshot will be automatically taken and save in a screenshot folder. Alternatively, you can also take your own screenshot But you have to finish the stage!
  • Go to http://dudedle.tumblr.com/ and click on “Submit Fan Works”
  • Upload your screenshot, fill in your name (or whatever you want us to call you ) and your email. You can write comments too, if you want, but it isn't required. Might be fun to share some tips or what did you do to get that awesome score ;)
  • The uploaded screenshot will be published on Tumblr along with the name you provided. We will not publish your email, however.

Rules Recap
  • Contest Duration
    • 10th - 24th November 2011
  • Play the demo version 0.6.1b , finish the stage and submit the screenshot.
  • There are 5 prices. 4 are for each winner of each difficulty. The last one is for a lucky draw.
  • Each person can only submit their score on ONE DIFFICULTY. We will take the first submission as final.
  • If you happen to get a better score, you can submit a new one. But it must be on the same difficulty as your firsts submission.
  • Example
    • Mr.A submitted a screenshot of 1,000,000 points on NORMAL
    • Mr.A submitted a screenshot of 1,500,000 points on NORMAL, now Mr.A score is updated to 1,500,000 points
    • Mr.A submitted a screenshot of 2,000,000 points on BITTER. This will be disregarded. Mr.A is now in NORMAL difficulty league and his score for the contest is still 1,500,000 points
  • If we caught someone cheating, then you are disqualified for the price! I hope nobody cheat though. We would like this to be an activity that anyone can enjoy. So, please play it fair and square! :)

And that’s about it! I hope it isn’t too confusing. If you have any questions regarding the contest, feel free to ask in the comment section or on the forum. 

One last thing though, I know I can't enforce this but please enter the difficulty that suit your skill! This mean skilled players shouldn't submit their score on Sweet or Normal difficulty. Or else it would discourage people who cannot survive on Bitter or Black. Furthermore, if you're good at the game, I think you'd be more satisfying seeing highscore in higher difficulty anyway :) The number of bullets on Sweet or Normal can't possibly give you as much score as you would have got in Bitter or Black!

We hope this will be an activity that everyone can enjoy. And even if you’re not good at the game, please join anyway! It might be your name that we draw for the lucky winner ;)

- Punipen