Sugar Shooter 2 : Public Demo

Win32 - Download Here

OSX (Intel) - Download Here

Finally the public demo is finished! And here's the list of what is in the current demo :

  • Full stage 1 in story mode
  • All CGs of the first boss
  • All 4 selectable partners
  • All 4 difficulties
It's still missing options, ranking, gallery and practice mode. We'll keep updating the demo!

Here are some information you might like to know

  • The game native resolution is 800 x 500. Anything higher than that mean it will be scaled so the graphic might not look nice. Best stick with 800x500 or something similar!
  • The quality selection doesn't mean much. We can't remove it since it's built in Unity. Stick with good should be fine!
  • Sometime the Input setting doesn't work. Can't really do anything about it since it's built in Unity again :(  Quit the game and start again sometime fix it though.
And that's all, folks! Hope you guys have fun with the game! ^ ^