Happy Halloween & Preorder Extension!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

While it's a bit early, we just want to announce that we are going to extend the last date of fund raising preorder from this year Halloween to the end of next month! 

So the final date will be  30th of November 2011 instead :)

The reason is because of unexpected delay in the demo. We planned to release the public demo this month, but as you can see, it got delayed and is going to be released next month instead. We understand that there are people who would like to try the game first before deciding whether to help funding the game or not. Hence, we decided to extend the fund raising period, so that you will have a full month of playing the game and decide whether you would like to pre-order or not!

Once Sugar Shooter 2 demo is released, we also have a plan for some fun activities for everyone to join. Still, we are open for suggestion. Are you guys interested in fanart or fanfic? Or something else entirely? Feel free to drop by at the forum to discuss!

To those who are looking forward to Kemo Coliseum, please hang in there! With only 3 people, there is only so much we could do. We would like to focus on one game at a time and thus until Sugar Shooter 2 is done, there won't be much progress on Kemo Coliseum.

And that's all, folks! Happy Halloween \(^o^)/

- Punipen