Sugar Shooter 2 - Early Demo v.0.5 beta

Sorry for having been away for so long! But we have finally finished a playable demo. Not in English yet though, since we still need to translate all the conversations >_<;

Anyway, this is not public demo yet since it's still missing ranking, gallery and options mode. Once those are finished, and we finished translating the demo, we will release the English public demo for you guys to play :)

For those who want to get the early access to this private demo, you can get it from Secret Lab section in the forum. For those who doesn't have an access to the secret lab, you can by pre-order Sugar Shooter2 today! Don't forget that to gain access to the forum you have to pre-order Bronze option or above. Base option means you get the full game before people who doesn't pre-order.

Now, we have to work on the game information page, as well as finish the remaining features. So, that's all for today!


- Punipen