Touch and Tease vol.3 : Update

I was really surprised to see all the comments on the previous Touch and Tease update! To let you know that we are still working on the game, here's some more screenshots of the current game.

The game's taking longer than we expected. We add a Visual Novel scene this time so that the game will have more content, but the visual novel and touch and tease engine is a pretty big work. 

As you can see, we also let you talk to the character while you're teasing him. This was actually in the last Touch and Tease, but it was available as one of the Actions. We think it might be better to separate it into a special command. Different actions will also unlock new options that you can choose to speak to the character.

Another new feature is 'item'. Last two games, we only have a lube that you can splash on various parts. This time there will be more items. You can get items from a Visual Novel scene or some actions in Touch and Tease scene.

Lastly, we add special cutscenes for some actions. In the previous two games, the graphic stay the same all the time regardless of the action. In the new Touch and Tease, you'll get to see the character in different poses.

We're hoping to release it within this week, but due to the amount of content and we have to translate all of them to English, it's possible that the game might be released next month instead.

The game will be free, and you can play it online just like the previous two games. Still, if you like what we do and want to support us so we can focus more on making awesome games for you, feel free to make a donation!