Sugar Shooter 2 : Demo updated 1.10

Sugar Shooter 2 Demo English version is finally here! This is now version 1.10, with so many fixes and improvements. We worked hard on this and hope you enjoy it :)

The official release date will be after the 19th of February, so please be patience until then!
The original soundtrack should be available around the same time as well

*Stage 2 doesn't contain an erotic scene.

Win32 - Download(135MB)
OSX (Intel) - Download(135MB)

Bug fixed / Improvements
  • Improved Game Over menu
  • Fixed pause menu items' position
  • Adjust bosses' life points
  • Adjust partners' firepower
    • Tarosuke and Sugarless deal less damage
    • Arthur and Souffle deal higher damage
    • Sugarless's Soul Whisk deal higher damage
  • Adjust game's difficulty
    • Sweet should be really suitable to beginner now
    • Optimize some pattern in Bitter and Black so it won't lag
  • Pausing the game will also pause boss's animation
  • Fixed highscore bug
  • Fixed graphic blurriness and some resolution bugs
  • Fixed black border of some images on the title screen
  • Change controls related to cutscene
    • C is now fast forwarding the cutscene
    • Esc will skip the cutscene entirely
  • Disable Quick Sugar Burst/Sugar Burst (QSB/SB from now) if hit by enemies or enemy bullets. This is so that you won't waste your Sugar Power
  • Added invincible frames after QSB/SB is executed
  • Fixed the inconsistent special attack cut-in speed
  • Framerate is now fixed to 60 FPS
  • Now work with XBox360/PS3/Arcade controllers
New Features
  • Added Options screen
  • Added Highscore screen
  • Added Gallery
  • Added Theater
  • Added Stage 2
  • Added Practice Mode
  • Added Online Highscore
  • Added SFW mode