Sugar Shooter 2 PV + Kemo Coliseum Progress

Sugar★Shooter 2 Promotion Video!

Finally the Sugar Shooter 2 promotion video is finished! The video is in Japanese, but I have made a subtitle in English already. I got a request to make a tutorial of how to use Sugar Burst and Soul Whisk effectively, so if we have time we might make a video of that next.

We also now have the official release date, which are as follows :

Japanese CD Box + Limited Edition          -          19th February 2012
Japanese/English Digital Download            -          26th February 2012

The physical box version will also be available on Rainbow Shoppers as well, though we're not sure about limited editions yet. 

Sugar★Shooter 2 Demo Update

Anybody reach this stage in Black yet?

There seems to be a problem with the online highscore on the last demo. The loading circle keep spinning and for some reasons you won't be able to view Tarosuke's online highscore completely. 

We've fixed it and updated the demo already. Please download it again from the same link on this page! : http://dudedlestudio.blogspot.com/2012/02/sugar-shooter-2-demo-updated-110.html

Though, if the loading circle stop spinning and show an 'error' symbol, then that's the problem with the leaderboard service we're using. It seems like they're moving their server or something, so please be patient! :)

Kemo Coliseum Progress

Have you forgotten the 10 hotties? :P
People have been asking us how far is the game now. We have finished designing the new battle system and going to implement it soon. After we implement it, we will release a tech-demo for people to play and try the battle system.

Not only that, we have also been experimenting with allowing players to create custom contents. That means, players can create their own characters and put their original creations into the Kemo Coliseum's world. Please note that this is not like character creating system in games like Soul Calibur though. Kemo Coliseum system will allow you to import any image files you want to represent as your character ( and each part of their armors ). This mean there is no limit to what kind of character you want to see in the game!

Hopefully this will allow everyone to see their own original character in the game. I can't wait to see what people will come up with it ^ ^

For people who cannot draw, we might create a character creator with some template graphics in the future. Or you can also commission wonderful artists from art communities. Either way, now you have your chance to put your original characters into the game and fight with other people.

While this game is free, supporting us will definitely help boost the development to be faster. We will open for donation soon. It will be like Sugar Shooter 2 fund-raising, where different price will give you different perks. But this time, we will allow anonymous donation as well, for those who just want to support us without expecting anything in return. One of the perks will be an access to our secret lab, where we post an update of the game every week, as well as exclusive arts and behind the scene stuffs.

However, the support options are not limited to donation. We are only a small group after all, so there's only so much we could do. For other help and support options, we will provide a page that tells you what you can do - soonish!

See you in the next update!

- Punipen