Sugar Shooter 2 is uptdated to 1.13

** You can always download the latest version from the link in your email **

2012/2/27 - Update to version 1.13 with the following changes

  • stage 4's Oni Papa name graphic
  • stage 4's background

2012/2/26 - Update to version 1.12 with the following changes
  • Fixed Agyou and Ungyou position
  • Fixed some blurred images in Gallery mode
  • Moved version number from the windows to the game main menu
  • Fixed path to profile file in OSX. It was in the application package, now it's moved to the same path as the app file.

Transferring Save File
The game's save file is "profile.ss". You can use the old save file with the new version of the game. Moving the game folder will also move this file, so save file won't be lost.