Finally! A Proper Donation Page!

Finally we have a proper donation page!

For more information, you can find it from our Support Dudedle page. You can find the donation buttons at the bottom, which currently look something similar to the following
For people who’d like to support Dudedle Studio in general.
Donate to Dudedle Studio

Donate to a project

You can also support a specific project. Choose one from below.
Donate to Kemo Coliseum

Where do the donated money go?

All of the stuffs that are directly from us are all free*, but it does cost money to do what we're doing. Game engines, tools, hosting and hiring artists for big game like Kemo Coliseum cost money. The money you donate will help us get a better tool, get more arts from the hired artist and allow us to spend more time on the game than our regular job to find food.

*Sugar Shooter, Sugar Shooter 2 and Bukkake Party are collaboration works with Itatigokko, hence we cannot make it free without their permission.

What do I get from making donation?

You'll get our thanks along with the thank you image! And, if you like, you can be listed as a donator on our donator list. 

Donating to a specific project will sometime have special gift for you, as well as being listed as a donator for that specific project. 

These gifts will also change from time to time. Make sure to check back if you have time!

I don't have money/I can't donate. What can I do to help?

You can find more on how you can Support Dudedle on the support page, but here's the list of what you can do in a nutshell.
  1. Press
    • Talk about Dudedle's game to your friend
    • Posting our games and link back to us
    • Write a blog post about us!
  2. Time
    • You're an artist? Maybe we can make a small free game together!
      • Or if you're generous enough, maybe a big game? :)
    • Know other languages? You can translate our games or blog post!
      • Sugar Shooter 2 allow you to do this easily, and we're planning on doing this with future games.
And that's it for donation and how you can support us!
- Punipen