Kemo Coliseum Monthly Progress : April

Hi everyone! Punipen's again. It's time for the April report of Kemo Coliseum's progress!

Sorry that this time is a little bit late. Last week was a long holiday, and after that I had a problem with internet not working properly for a few days, couple with the amount of work after holiday. Ugh.

Quick summary for people who are new here. We have a Weekly Progress report in the secret lab section of our forum. The monthly reports will be a summary of those weekly reports, excluding the exclusive stuffs.

Anyway, let's continue with the report!

Game Status

Game Design
For the current battle system, these are the gems that will be presented on the board.

Gem Symbols

There are a total of 7 type of gems, which are as follow :
Part Gems
These are gems that represent each part of the body, which are
- Head
- Arms
- Top
- Bottom
- Legs

Healing Gem
   Heal your armor as well as your life point. Which part it will heal depending on how you remove the gems.
* If Healing Gems are removed as the first chain, the part gem you swap will be the part it heals. If that part is already broken, it will heal your life point.
* If Healing Gems are removed in the 2nd or higher chain, it will heal all parts.

Energy Gem
   Will do nothing if you erase them on a non-color grid. But if you erase them on a color grid, they will give you 3 times resources per one gem removed.

Also moved the game design document from google document to tiddlywiki There are many stuffs in the game and having to scroll the document back and forth to refer to each section seems confusing. With tiddlywiki, we can make the document wiki-like so each section is its own article. Easier to manage this way. I'd really recommend this for anyone who wants to write a story. It's good as a writing tool as well, planning your world and characters, etc.

Current Kemo Coliseum Tiddly Wiki. Spent time customizing it to make it looks nice with tabs :D

We also redesigned the battle screen. Probably going to use different shape for each gem

For coding part, we spent time refactoring on the codes of the old battle system and pretty much rewrite it so that it'll be easier for us to extend. The reason we need to plan a lot before we actually code anything is because of the flexibility. There are many skills and quests and events in the game, surely it is not a good idea to put everything into the code directly. The better idea would be to put all these data into some form that the game can read and use it in the game easily.

For those who don't know about programming, if you put everything into the code directly, it means that when you need to change something, you have to create an entire EXE again to reflect those changes. Clearly, this is not a good idea when you have so many content in the game. Fire Ball skill's damage is too strong? Fix, and wait 10 minutes to create an EXE. Oh wait, now it's too light. Fix, and wait another 10 minutes... You see how time wasting this can be, right? :(

So this required a lot of planning. What should be in the game directly? What should be in the external folder? Hence, we can't just go straight to coding right away, except for the battle system part.

And that's probably what we have progressed the most in term of programming in the past month. I've rewritten the battle system and it is now much better to extend and understand the code. The control is also much better. Now it's like Bejeweled, where you can either touch or drag to swap the gems. It also support Touch-control, meaning we can port the game to Android tablet easily.

Other than that, I finished the Script Tester for Sugar Shooter 2, so that people who want to translate the game can use to test the scene easier. We should have done this when we were working on Sugar Shooter >_<; Back then, I have to test it from the editor, so it kind of took my time. If I do this, I can delegate the work to mogmog while continue working on the other part.

I'll definitely make a script/scene tester for Kemo Coliseum, considering there will be many scenes and events in that game. 


Null Ghost finished so many erotic scenes sketches this month! I'll just post some of them here. The rest you can find them in Secret Lab on our forum

We also designed some monsters/creatures that will be in the game's world. Considering everybody is a furry in this world, we think that it's appropriate to have creatures that do not look too much like animals. 

Donation Report

April           $635

Thanks for all the donation! It was a lot more than we thought we'd get, considering we haven't released anything yet but plans and character arts  :-[. The donation amount range from the minimum $5 to the very generous $200. Some people even donate to both Dudedle and Kemo Coliseum ( the numbers show here are for Kemo Coliseum only) It really is motivating and we are going to do our best on the game!

Beta Release

It doesn't seem like releasing a playable demo this month is a realistic goal anymore, considering we have to work on Touch and Tease for this month. 
Regardless, we'll do our best and release whatever we have. But the release will be limited to anyone who donated as well as people who has access to the Secret Lab for now. This is because we don't want something that is heavily under construction to be floating around and might cause a bad first impression to people ( read: we're embarrassed! ( > /// < ) ) So, it'll be private beta for now. And hopefully we can finish a public demo soon.

While Kemo Coliseum will be a game that is free to play, it is definitely not free to make. If you can, please help support us so we can keep working on the game, make it better, and finish it faster :)