Touch and Tease vol. 2 and Update on BMT Micro

Hi everyone!

This has already been announced on the forum, but I forgot that I haven't posted here. As you can see, we haven't removed purchase link of our sharewares. BMT Micro got back to us and say that we are allowed to stay! I guess that's good news

However, they also said that they are not going to accept any new adult software vendor, they'll only keep the old one. This makes me worry, because it sounds like they don't really support adult-oriented software developer. It's like they made this decision just to keep old customers, and has no plan to pursue anything that will help support adult software developer in the future.

Well, for now, games we make with Itatigokko circle are to stay   That's good enough for now!

Sorry for making you guys worried. Now I can get back to work instead of worrying over this matter!

We have also been working hard on Touch and Tease volume 2. Here's the screenshot of what's waiting for you guys ;)

This time, the theme is "Office Crush". What will you do when your office crush visit your room, and he accept your offer for a massage, hoping to help him relax after a long day of hard work!

The game will be available soon, for free!  For those who love our work, feel free to support us by spreading this game around or give us some tip if you have a credit card and you can afford to give us money!

That's all for today!
- Punipen