Kemo Coliseum Monthly Progress : September

And here it is, the September report!

Quick summary for people who are new here. We have a Weekly Progress report in the secret lab section of our forum. The monthly reports will be a summary of those weekly reports, excluding the exclusive stuffs.

Anyway, let's get to the repart, shall we?

Game Status


There was an urgent work that I needed to do and it pretty much took 2 weeks of programming on Kemo Coliseum from me. We realize it's going to be really difficult if I'm the only programmer.

Mogmog helped me program the interface part of Sugar Shooter 2 before, but he use different programming language last time. This time I want us both to use the same thing so this month was spent on training him to be able to use C# programming language.  Once we have two programmers, it should be more flexible since the whole programming task won't stop completely if I'm busy.

Others than that, I fix some small bugs. Something weird happen when you make a match twice and try to make a free swap as the last action. Everything should work fine now in the current build!

Game Design

Mogmog also spent time working on the wireframe of each game screen. Note that these are just placeholders so we have a better idea of how the game flow as well as what should be on each screen. Unless someone actually wants a cocktail as a weapon, and mustache as an accessory.


More sketches! We're almost finish with all the erotic scenes now :D

Tharsix seems to be enjoying himself

We also have a sketch of the Monkey, Tharsix's owner by Kurono Rokurou.

User Interface

New GUI design! We moved the resources/mana to center bottom, where it used to be a help message window. We think that we could use tool tip/pop up window instead, since we don't need to see the help message all the time.

For those who don't know, tool tip is that popup message that appear when you hover your mouse over an icon for a certain period of time. Try hover your mouse over the refresh button on your browser and leave it there for a while and you'll see what I mean.

The durability of each armor has been moved so we can admire Volga's body

Donation Report

April                 $660
May                  $266
June                  $465
July                   $261
Aug                  $227
Sep                   $107

Thank you for all the donation! It means a lot to us. We're motivated to continue working on the game every time we read the comments you guys left in the donation form :)

And if you can't donate, that's ok too! It doesn't always have to be money. Helping spreading the words about this game or drawing fanarts count as well.

While Kemo Coliseum will be a game that is free to play, it is definitely not free to make. If you can, please help support us so we can keep working on the game, make it better, and finish it faster :)