Touch and Tease's Some Sketches

Hello, this is Kurono Rokurou.

I got a request from Punipen that he wants this kind of guy for the next Touch & Tease. I hardly draw fat characters so it's impossible to draw such a cute hot chubby, but I tried drawing some sketches.

This is one of the sketches. I want him to be manly but mild and sweet. If I couldn't draw better one, maybe next Touch and Tease would be this character or use this as a base.

I drew this sketch because I thought square eyes would be cute, but previous Touch and Tease's character, Hiishi Mamoru has similar eyes. It should be something different.

A guy on the bottom left is the same person as the first picture. I guess you think it doesn't seem the same person. ('A`) I drew small eyes for the guy on the center middle. I think he's kinda cute, so it would be nice if I can use him for something.

I draw sketches like these sometimes, so I will update this kind of things regularly from now then.

Also, we're making an underwear-dress-up game. We make this game with a new artist. You'll be able to play the game on any mobile phone because this is a HTML 5 game!