Kemo Coliseum Monthly Progress : October

It's time for Kemo Coliseum's October report!

Quick summary for people who are new here. We have a Weekly Progress report in the secret lab section of our forum. The monthly reports will be a summary of those weekly reports, excluding the exclusive stuffs.

Game Status


Most of the work this month is behind the scene with designing the data model for battle scene. Finally got the basic stuffs done and improve the armor's durability dial. I made a mistake of not using NGUI to use it in the first place so I had to re-write the whole interface part (>_< ;) Oh well, lesson learnt!

So the character's clothes can now be destroyed (except the underwear part.) This month I'm going to implement health bar and work on a simple skill data model so that I can add some simple basic skill to imitate the actual game and see if the game mechanic work or need some tweaking.


Here's a picture of the main trio : Volga the Husky, Cyrus the Cat, and Tharsix the bear, in today casual wear style!

Want a bigger one? Click on the image!
It isn't going to be in a game, since it's something NG draw in his free time. But it's nice to see them like this, don't you think? :)  Make me want to see someone make a dating sim out of these characters!

We're also thinking of a new sub character for Cyrus's story. The black cat butler who's on his journey of bringing back the irresponsible prince!

This is, of course, only a rough sketch for idea and isn't final. The basic idea is a tall and quiet swimmer-built muscular black cat. The height in this image is also not official! (I think 158 cm is too small for Cyrus! )

Donation Report

April                 $660
May                  $266
June                  $465
July                   $261
Aug                  $227
Sep                   $107
Oct                   $453

Thank you for all the donation! I'm surprised to see the number goes up from September. I think it has to do with now that we have something playable available in the secret lab. It's great to know that people are interested in the game! I also want to thank you to all the comments the donator left in the form. It's a great motivation to keep us going :)

And that's it for this month. In other news, we are also working on new Dudedle mini games and big game behind the scene as well. I'll update you guys about these in a new entry!

While Kemo Coliseum will be a game that is free to play, it is definitely not free to make. If you can, please help support us so we can keep working on the game, make it better, and finish it faster :)