Happy New Year! Dudedle Games Round-up

Happy New Year!

With the beginning of 2014, Dudedle Studio is now officially 3 years old! Thanks to all of your support. It's because of everyone that we could come this far.

In this post, I'd like to collect and look back at all of the games we have made this year. Without further ado, let's take a look at the list!


Beast Warrior : Night Attack

An improved Night Attack game made for Kemoket 2 event. This is also our first time working with Mumu and we are very happy to hear that many people love Zigmarl so far!

This is probably our first game to experiment with erotic gameplay + visual novel part. To be honest, we really like how this game turned out. It was fun thinking of what interactions should be available for each part, as well as directing the scene with camera moving and zooming. 

We wish we had more money and time for this project so we could hire Mumu to draw more CGs. Maybe in our next game :)

The game is available in Japanese only for now, but the English translation is finished and it should be available for English speakers soon!

Kemo Coliseum : Battle Demo

I want to embarrass Kuroda Rokurou for this lame joke so I use this picture again.

After we'd been working on it for so long, we had finally released the first battle demo of Kemo Coliseum!  We got many useful feedbacks after this. We have taken them into account and improved the game already.

The demo was demonstrated at Kemo Ket 2 event, so we think it'd be a good thing if we could release something for the upcoming Kemo Ket 3 as well! The plan is to release the first chapter with Volga as playable character. We'll try our best to release it!

You can try the old Kemo Coliseum Battle Demo here


Takasaki-Sensei's Erotic Dressup

This is a collaboration with Saba-Oishiiyo san. It's the first HTML5 game that works on mobile phones from us. You can bookmark this game link on the homescreen on your iOS device, and it will look like a real app. Hopefully we'll be able to make more mobile HTML5 games this year!

This game has also been played more than 50k times! So it's the most played game from Dudedle Studio last year, as far as we know!


The Spider's Thread

Not a game, but this is our first manga from our main artist Kurono Rokurou (now: Kuroda Rokurou). This is our first work that we worked with a professional translator to help bring the manga to English speaking audiences. 

Many people said the translation/localization is really good, so we are really happy and motivated to make more ^ ^

Kuroda is planning on release another manga this year so please look forward to it!


Touch and Tease vol. 3 : Komada Katsutomo

Our last game this year is Touch and Tease vol. 3! This game is special to us because we had tried a new crowd funding model that we hope it would be best for everyone - both audiences and creators. We worked really hard on this game and in the end we think it paid off. 

We had been working on this game on and off and at one point we were so scared that we would disappoint the players. Sometime when you work on something for too long, you don't know if it's good or bad anymore.

With crowd funding, we let the audience decide whether we should spend more time on this project. The result was unexpected as we reached our goal in a week! 

Many people also left encouraging comments along with what they want to see in our future games. We seriously can't thank you enough. It meant a lot to us and it's what drove us to finish this game with in one month.

Of course, there are people who don't like the game or the new changes as well. We read all the feedbacks and comments on the game so that we know how to improve. Fortunately, Touch and Tease vol.3 is free to try the whole full game, so people don't need to pay only to find out that the game isn't for them.

And That's It For 2013!

Phew! That's a pretty long post. In total, we have made

Demo                    -  1
Complete Games   -  3
Manga                   -  1

I'm not sure about this number... Maybe it's good for a 2-3 people team? We definitely wish we could release more games since we have all these ideas that we would like to work on. Still, we'd rather make good games than shoveling games out there. It's more fun that way!

That's it for 2013. Looking back, it was a great year for us. We've learned a lot and tried many new things. We've also got to connect with our fans from all over the world with TT3 crowd funding and Kemo Coliseum donation. Thank you to everyone again.

Hopefully 2014 will be another fun and exciting year for us and all of our fans :-)

Happy New Year!

- Punipen