Kemo Coliseum Monthly Progress : March 2014

Hi there, everyone!

Sorry for the delay but here's the March Kemo Coliseum report! With this we can move on to April report and we'll be back to our normal schedule.

Quick summary for people who are new here. We have a Weekly Progress report in the secret lab section of our forum. The monthly reports will be a summary of those weekly reports, excluding the exclusive stuffs.

Game Status

We've gone through many changes this month after many playtests. We will list all the changes in this report.

Battle Animation

I finally got the battle animation to work! Now I can add a 'Frame Action' to the animation. For example, I can tell the animation to create a white flash effect to make it looks like a heavy attack. I can also control the time when the damage number should pop, depending on each battle animation. It's going to be fun working with particle effects and play around with the actions :D

Rage System
Rage finally works! Basically, when you completely fill your rage meter, the following things happen

- Your Press Turns are completely empty
- You are given 3 Flash Press Turns
- Your attack and heal are double until the end of turn

We want Rage to be something that can help you turn the tide of the battle. The details might be changed, but the way it's activated and how it replaces all your Press Turns with the flashing ones will remain the same. This should make you think before you making a match. It's possible to perform 9 actions in one turn with Rage activated.

Other Changes
  • Adjust battle formula
  • Implement skill system
  • Implement new shield system
  • Implement hint system
Shield System
  • Matching shield gems will charge your shield power. The maximum is 100%
  • Your shield power is increased by 10% x shield gems
  • Damage is reduced by the percentage of your current shield power. Once received an attack, your shield power goes down by 20%
  • Example:
    If your current shield power is 50%, enemy's next attack will deal half of its original damage. After that, you shield power is reduced to 30%
  • Your shield power is reset to zero at the beginning of your next turn.
Comment on Design Changes
We saw flaws in the previous shield system as follow:
1.) Not intuitive. You have to memorize how much percentage each type of shield will reduce enemy's damage
2.) Inflexible. When a single shield gem doesn't have any meaning, it isn't possible to create a skill that erase many gems on the board and also activate the gem effects.

The new system should solve this problem while not making the shield gem too powerful.

Future Plan
After many playtests, we felt that the game mechanic is now fun as it is. Each turn requires you to think about which action to take and which skill to use.

However, we found that we care about which armor part to attack less and less. Since we have already many things to think about, adding a passive bonus to each armor part would simply make the game too complicate.

The armor part system also make the battle a bit unfair. AI doesn't care about seeing you naked and they want to knock you out as soon as possible. Currently, it feels like a gimmick that only distracts players.

Hence we have decided that we will remove the armor part system, and replace it with a new health system instead.

New Health System
The new health system will be a combination of health and armor. Basically, this will be like in Sugar Shooter game where a character has more than 1 life bar. The first few bars represent each armor layer durability, and the final bar represent your health.

Generally, you and bosses will have three life bars. During each life bar, character's clothes will be changed as follow:

Code: [Select]
First Life Bar -> Fully Clothed
Second Life Bar -> Some parts are destroyed.
Final Life Bar -> Underwear
No Life Bar -> Completely naked

With this, we can get the choosing armor part mechanic out of the way. The goal for both you and enemy is now the same, that is to empty the opponent's life bar. Some enemies might only have one or two life bars. A final boss might have four or five.

New Bonus System
The new health system also help simplify the armor part bonus system. Previously, we want each part to give you special bonus that will wear off if that part is broken. With multiple life bars, we will attach bonus to each life bar instead.

Code: [Select]
Example :
First Life Bar     -> No Bonus
Second Life Bar -> Deal 50% more damage
Final Life Bar    ->  If enemy matches a heal gem, you also heal 50% of the amount.

With this, you start with no bonus. But if the enemy destroy your first life bar, breaking your armor, your second life bar bonus is activated. You will get 50% damage bonus as long as you still stay in this life bar. If the enemy empty your life bar, then you lose the second life bar bonus and activate the last one.

Donation Report 2014

Jan                       $25
Feb                      $268
Mar                      $95

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