Kemoket3 Report + Kemo Coliseum Kemoket3 Demo

A little bit late but Kemoket 3 report is finally here!

For those who didn't know, on the 29th of April, we opened a booth at Kemoket 3, a doujinshi convention for furries.

If you want to know what happened, then read on! (Or read on anyway, since there'll be a link to Kemo Coliseum demo inside :P)


As you may already know, we wanted to release a playable demo for this event. Because of that, we didn't have time to make a new game. Kuroda, however, managed to finish a new comic! So, here's the list of what we sell at Kemoket3


Kemo Coliseum Notebook

Kemo Coliseum Poster (two cover designs)

We were there a little bit late so we couldn't get int during the circle preparation period (T_T) We apologize to everyone who had to wait for us to setup our booth that day!

We didn't really have time to promote our space, so we didn't expect that many people to know about us. To our surprise, everything was sold out! Thank you very much! >_<

After we sold out everything, we used our booth to demonstrate Kemo Coliseum, as well as distributing the rest of the free paper we printed. In the free paper, we put a questionnaire asking people what kind of characters and erotic situations they want to see in the game. This is to help us coming up with ideas for side quests and sub characters. There's also a url to download the demo in the free paper.

It was great seeing people stopping by our booth and playing the game. We got valuable feedbacks from seeing how people play the game, as well as talking to them. Thank you again to everyone who visited our booth that day!

Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures so we didn't have any photo of our space... Sorry!

Kemo Coliseum Demo

(Japanese language, no erotic CG)

And here's the link to the demo we demonstrated that day! This time it's an executable file instead of Unity3D Player, so you don't need to install Unity webplayer plugin anymore!

This version is a very early demo. Apart from the battle system, please expect things to be different in the final version. Also, the demo is in Japanese because we haven't finished the localization system yet. After we finish a localization system, we will release another version with English subtitle file.

Please note that the game is censored according to Japan's law since it's the same version we release at Kemoket 3. The English version of the game WILL NOT be censored. Also, there is no erotic CG in this version yet.

And that's it for the report! If you tried the demo and like the game, please consider supporting us by making a donation!


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See you next time!

- Punipen